Ayusha Functional Wellbeing Centre

Ayusha Functional Wellbeing Centre

Individualised Retreat Program

An intensive personalized Holistic Approach for any patient suffering from chronic disease/addiction/relationship struggles/or for someone wanting to step up there bodies ability to achieve optimum health and wellness. Its proven method for over 20 years has shown patients’ return to health and wellness by:

1. Identifying stress related and dysfunctional areas on the body with our Thermometry Alpha Sight diagnostic screening/testing health consultation
2. Localized individualised organ cleansing treatments.
3. Complimentary diagnostic and treatment approaches enhancing the body self regulation
4. Detoxifying cells
5. Improving metabolism exchange
6. Lymph activation
7. Immune response
stimulation to localized area(s)
8. Enhancing emotional/relational connection between therapist & client, birthing a new safety and invitations then arise for a deeping into uncharted areas within the client where the frozen painful imprints are that need to be leaned in to gradually so they no long play out in unhealthy ways in the clients life.

9. Allowing for mental clarity and focus
10. Providing space and time for spiritual awareness
11. Increased energy
12. Improved mobility

At AYUSHA Functional Wellbeing center we run 7 day to 90 day in house programs to cater for the clients needs. We try our best to meet the client where they are and create from that space. The first step on this journey is for our clients to receive a free health consultation over the phone or on Skype so we can connect and feel into each other to see if this process resonates. And If it does then we hear where the struggles lay and we then create a program to address these struggles, so the client can move forward with there life, feeling balanced, connected, alive and back engaging in life again.

Scope of Service

These are the Scope of Services on the functional wellness menu that we pick from, when designing your individualized program:
 Thermometry diagnostic screening (Alpha Sight)
 Biological Dentist (Referrals)
 Cranial Sacral Therapy
 Detox Body Peelings
 Colonic Hydrotherapy with implants
 Herbal supplementation
 Probiotic / mod biotic supplementations
 Family Constellation Therapy
 Lymph Drainage Massage
 Meditation
 Organic food/juices
 Vitamin/ mineral IV’S
 Psycho-energetic psychotherapy (PENS)
 Somatic Experiencing (SE)
 Reflexology
 Thermal mud Balneotherapy
 Acupuncture
 Chinese Osteopathy
 Energy medicine
 Variety of different European, Hawaiian, and Asian massages
 Yoga